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Aspirational Brands: Using Negative Marketing and Negative Branding

Want to convince customers that your brand is exclusive? Then it might be time to break out the customer contempt.


Long Life Depends on This: Gary Wenk at TEDxColumbus

Do you know what will really keep you living and thinking clearly for a long time?


The Consuming Instinct: Gad Saad at TEDxConcordia

Marketing prof Gad Saad discusses the biological and evolutionary roots of our consuming instinct.

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Infusive Presents


Jeremy Basset

Director • Unilever Foundry • Global Marketing Director • Unilever


Chris Morton

CEO and Cofounder at Lyst


Stephen Cheliotis

Chairman and CoolBrands Council CEO at The Centre for Brand Analysis


Nick Tolley

CEO and Co-founder at Harris + Hoole


Danielle Anderson

Director of Digital Experience at Harris + Hoole


WPP/Infusive Session on Consumer Innovation

The Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2015 in Marrakech

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